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Attitude Canada- Little Ones Concentrated Fabric Freshener- Night Chamomile 475ml (幼兒專用衣物清新劑-安睡洋甘菊味)

Attitude Living Canada

新生兒每天睡眠約 16 小時!通過噴灑ATTITUDE的舒緩洋甘菊衣物清爽劑,保持睡前衣物的新鮮氣味。使用低過敏性、植物和礦物質的無憂成分,它從枕頭、床單、填充物和安全毛毯中得到舒緩安眠氣味。

噴灑織物上,直到稍微潮濕。幾乎在所有衣物布料, 床單, 被單, 或地毯上都安全使用。請勿在濕布物料上使用。避免在木材表面噴灑。注意使用說明。

Ever wondered what your baby dreams about? Probably a lot — newborns sleep around 16 hours a day! No matter what they’re dreaming about, keep their bedtime fabrics smelling fresh by spraying them with ATTITUDE’s Soothing Chamomile Fabric Refresher. Using hypoallergenic, plant- and mineral-based worry-free ingredients, it gets stubborn odors from pillows, sheets, stuffed animals and security blankets alike. Your little one will go from zen to zzz in no time with with the calming, sleepy time scent of chamomile!

Spray fabric until slightly damp. Safe to use on virtually all fabrics or carpets. DO NOT use on fabrics that water spot. Avoid spraying on finished wood surfaces. Always check for special instructions.

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