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Babymate Electrical Nasal Aspirator (電動吸鼻涕機)

Babymate Electrical Nasal Aspirator (電動吸鼻涕機)

Key Features : 

• Safe, hygienic and gently absorbs BBsnot, reduce the flow of nasal

• Water-proof design

• Suction nozzle and nasal groove can be disassembledfor clean and sterilized

• Streamline penguin design, easy to grasp,can stand and no leakage

•The silicone suction nozzle is designedfor infants and young, soft and comfortable


    安全衛生又溫和地吸除BB鼻涕, 減少鼻水倒流      



    流線企鵝造型設計, 容易抓握, 可站立不怕


    特別為嬰幼兒設計的矽膠吸嘴, 柔軟舒適