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Prime Living- HandGuard- Natural Organic Hand Sanitizing Cleaner 250 ml 有機天然免沖洗消毒搓手液(15秒殺菌)

Prime Living


HandGuard is rich in bioflavonoid Polymethoxylated Flavones (PMFs) extracted from three organic citrus fruits. PMFs reduce fights the development of resistant bacteria and also have been attributed to effective antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral activities.  HandGuard is effective against microbes, is safe for the user without being harmful to the environment.  It contains Vitamin K and Vitamin C which contribute to wound healing and anti-oxidation.



  • 99% derived from organic citrus
  • Rinse free
  • Alcohol free、no benzalkonium chloride or quaternary ammonium
  • No artificial colors or artificial preservatives
  • Cleans and disinfects skin, relieves insect bite
  • Cleans fruits and eating utensils
  • Sanitizes wounds
  • Made in U.S.A.

How to use: Take appropriate amount HandGuard. Rub hands for 3-5 seconds.

Application: HandGuard is suitable for adults, infants, the elderly and pets.  It can also use to wash fruits, clean utensils and disinfect the wound.

Ingredients: Vitamin C, vitamin K, coenzyme Q10, organic acid and organic citric extracts.


HandGuard 有機天然消毒潔手液,含有豐富的Polymethoxylated Flavones PMFs成份。PMFs能減低細菌形成的機會,同時具有高效抗真菌、抗細菌及抗病毒功能,亦不會對環境做成污染。潔手液內含豐富維生素K和維生素C,有幫助傷口癒合及抗氧化等功效。 


  • 99%有機柑橘提煉
  • 免沖洗
  • 不含酒精、苯扎氯銨及季銨鹽
  • 不含人工色素及防腐劑
  • 清潔肌膚、治理蚊釘蟲咬
  • 清洗水果、食具
  • 消毒細微傷口
  • 美國製造


如何使用: 取適量HandGuard,雙手搓揉3-5秒。

適用於: HandGuard適合成人、嬰兒、老人和寵物使用。 它還可用於清洗水果,清潔器具和消毒傷口等。

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