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Prime Living- SkinShield 24 Residual Antibacterial Skin Protector 250ml 24小時雙手長效保濕消毒抗菌膜

Prime Living

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SkinShield 24 is a durable moisturizing antimicrobial skin protector. Its Nano Stabbing technology creates a water resistant protection that continues to kill 99.9% viruses, bacteria and fungi for 24 hours, even after repeated washing.


  • 24 hours anti-microbial protection
  • 9% antibacterial after repeated hand washing
  • Kill viruses, bacteria and fungi
  • Alcohol free, Non-fragrance
  • Suitable for all ages & pets
  • Made in U.S.A.

SkinShield 24 was formerly named as HandShield 24.

Microscopic bed of tiny spikes on treated surfaces, microbes were destroyed upon direct contact.

How to use: Take appropriate amount of SkinShield 24. Rub hands for 3-5 seconds or target area and allows it to dry. Use 1 time a day is enough.

Application: SkinShield 24 can be used on hand, foot, acne, pimple, armpit, personal sensitive area and pet paw. 


SkinShield 24是一種長效保濕消毒抗菌劑,內含專利矽化合物,其獨有的Nano Stabbing技術於皮膚上迅速形成一層24小時的耐水性抗菌保護膜,以物理方式殺滅和抑制微生物。實驗證明,一次塗抹維持24小時抗菌,就算重覆洗手多次仍能保持99.9%以上的殺菌率。 


  • 抗菌24小時
  • 洗手多次仍抗菌9%
  • 能殺滅病毒、細菌及真菌
  • 不含酒精、無香味
  • 適合任何年齡和寵物使用
  • 美國製造 

SkinShield 24以前稱為HandShield 24


如何使用:取適量SkinShield 24 .雙手搓揉3-5秒,等它完全吸收。 每天使用1次。

適用於: SkinShield 24 可用於雙手、瘡或粉刺、腋下,敏感部位和寵物四肢。


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