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Prime Living- Mould Shield - Durable Non-Toxic Anti-Mold Coating 300 ml 水性抗霉劑(長效至少12個月)

Prime Living


MoldShield is a water-based mold inhibitor that combats mold for up to a year on interior and exterior surfaces.  The proprietary water-resisting and non-toxic antibacterial fungicide kills mold above and beneath the coating.



  • Anti-mold
  • Long lasting (at least 12 months)
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-corrosive
  • Safe for humans, pets, plants and the environment
  • Does not contain bleach or triclosan
  • No VOCs (Volatile organic compounds) and no harmful fumes
  • Made in U.S.A.

 *MoldShield does not remove or decolorize mold stain. Please use OxyFade for removing mold stain.

How to use: 

Before apply, clean the surface if needed. Shake & spray on the object surface. Recommended to apply once every 6-12 months.

Coverage: about 100sq. ft. service area per 300ml.



MoldShield can be used on paint wall, wallpaper, ceramic tile, metal, stone, wood, fabric, leather, carpet, plastic, etc.


MoldShield 是一種水性抗霉劑, 能在室內和室外的物件上形成一個防霉保護層達最長一年。 其獨特的無毒防水抗霉殺菌劑可有效殺死保護層上下的霉菌。



  • 有效抗霉
  • 最少達12個月
  • 無毒
  • 無腐蝕性
  • 人畜無害、不傷植物與生態
  • 無漂白劑和無三氯生
  • 無揮發性有機物和有害氣體
  • 美國製造

*MoldShield 不能清除黴菌污漬,如需去黴菌污漬建議與OxyFade 一同使用。


在使用前,先清潔表面。 搖晃並噴灑在物件上。 建議每6-12個月使用一次。



適用於: MoldShield 可用於油漆牆、牆紙、瓷磚、金屬、石材、木材、布纖維、皮革、地毯和塑料等。


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