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Prime Living- QuicKick- Multi Purpose Stain Remover 300 ml 多用途除漬劑是一種環保多功能快速除漬清潔劑

Prime Living


QuicKick is an eco-friendly versatile fast acting stain remover. Its main ingredients are proprietary blend of coconut oil surfactant, sodium carbonate, fragrance & dye, etc.  QuicKick removes general stains in seconds. It provides excellent results on black heel marks as well as grease, oil, food stains. It also removes marks left by carbon exhaust on hard surfaces, carpet and clothes without leaving residue. QuicKick meets the requirement of Canada Environmental Choice Program CCD-146- General.          



  • Quick and effective stain removal
  • Safe to environment
  • Easy to use
  • Made in Canada


How to use: Spray on stain directly on hard surface or fabric, then wipe with dry towel, rinse as needed.

Application: QuicKick can be used for remove stains from grease, oil, sweat, faces and carbon, etc. It apply on plastic, metal, glass and clothes. Except leather and coated surfaces.


Ingredients: Proprietary blend of coconut oil surfactant, sodium carbonate, fragrance & dye.



QuicKick 多用途除漬劑是一種環保多功能快速除漬清潔劑,它的主要成為椰子油、梳打、介面活性劑。能有效去除鞋印、油漬、食物污漬及碳微粒而不會殘留於硬面、地毯和衣物上。已符合加拿大 Environmental Choice Program CCD-146 標準。


  • 快速有效把污漬清除
  • 環保產品
  • 對環境安全
  • 簡單易用
  • 加拿大製造

如何使用: 直接在硬質表面或織物上的污漬噴灑,然後用乾毛巾擦拭,根據需要可用清水沖洗。

適用於: QuicKick 適用於塑料,金屬,玻璃和衣服。 皮革和塗層表面除外。

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