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AcoMo Taiwan- PPS II Pacifier Personal Steriliser ( USB 2 mins) - Tiffany Green (Acomo PPS II  -2分鐘個人奶嘴殺菌器-綠色)

Acomo Taiwan

- Steriliser your baby's pacifier in just two minutes!

-You can also steriliser your make up sponges, Tooth brushes and any small items!

如果外出只需要消, 咁就可以考慮呢個小型版, 細細個超輕巧方便

同樣支援USD充電 / AAA鹼性電芯x2 (如果使用usb充電,電芯就一定要拎走,兩者無法併用共存啦)



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