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Grabease USA


I always loved problem solving (possibly due to my previous life as a lawyer and trained mediator) and I loved observing my babies’ development.

With each child a new product was born as well, a product I felt was missing in the market and could help babies and parents.

I fell in love with the product development world and the entrepreneurial bug and so I founded elli&nooli.

Since then I have developed, patented and helped other moms develop meaningful products.

Supporting is my passion. Via personal connection, product development and caring for the ones in need in our community.


What age should we introduce grabease?
As soon as your little one is able to sit independently and shows signs they are ready for solids.

Is it bpa and phthalate free?
Yes! grabease are constantly tested for BPA, phthalates, lead and a lot more including but not limited to FDA requirements and use and abuse.

My baby is having a hard time using grabease, what can I do?
First of all- it’s ok! All babies are different and the reach certain milestones at different times.  Make sure you hand the grabease vertically to the center of their palm so they develop that proper grasp and self-feeding is easier for them. For younger ones, you can help by preloading the utensils a few times. Eating next to your child really helps model self-feeding.

Can I put the grabease in the dishwasher?
Yes! you can wash your grabease in the dishwasher please follow your dishwasher utensil washing instructions.