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Our story is a simple one. Once upon a time, there was a new mom named Melissa who wanted to comfort her teething baby. Not only did his gums hurt, but he was also chewing on his hands for relief and had developed eczema as a result. No mother wants to see their child in pain, so Melissa tried anything and everything to comfort him. When traditional teething products weren’t working, she decided to create something new and better than what was available. It had to be functional, durable and safe for infants. It had to be something that babies would love and above all, it had to offer relief from the discomfort of teething. After three years of research and development, the Munch Mitt was born - and oh, how we’ve continued to grow!

Moms and babies everywhere loved the Munch Mitt and soon, the award-winning product was in homes all over the world. The success of our flagship product has allowed us to create even more fun, functional baby products, including the Buddy Bib series, the Chew Cube and the Munch-It Blanket. Truly from one mom to another, Malarkey Kids is thrilled to bring these amazing products to your family.


Melissa Seifert-Hyslop is a busy mom of two boys and one on the way who lives in Ontario, Canada. She is the creator behind all Malarkey Kids products. The award-winning mompreneur is dedicated to bringing safe, high-quality baby products to families everywhere. She values silliness as well as hard work, joy as well as success, and always takes time to play.

Melissa proudly supports The Autism-society of America, Autism Canada, The International Children’s Heart Foundation as well as the CHD Foundation.  Her passion to help others isn’t limited to people either.  Melissa is the president of Travelers Animal Rescue where the goal is to provide second chances to street animals across the globe.

Malarkey的Munch Mitt咬咬手套和 Buddy Bib咬咬口水肩

Munch Mitt咬咬手套由一位加拿大媽媽Melissa發明,是全球第一款可以給嬰兒戴在手上的手套牙膠產品。 

第一次當媽媽的Melissa發現, 原來BB3個月大時,會開始進入長牙階段, 牙肉會非常不適及經常流口水但只有3個月大的BB, 根本無法自己握一般的牙膠, 成日跌落地, 父母亦要狂執狂洗!!! 然後, 最就手的開始咬自己手。除了要長期執牙膠外, 更令Melissa頭痛兒子有皮膚敏感,不停咬, 口水令兒子的手變得乾燥,皮膚裂開,有時甚至會流血。

Melissa發覺她需要一些能夠保護兒子雙手, 能讓他緩解長牙不適的同時, 能夠保持他興趣的產品, 可惜市面上並沒有這樣的產品,於是Melissa有了製作手套牙膠的想法。 

經過3年的研究,設計,開發,採購,測試,Munch Mitt咬咬手套終於誕生,並且獲得不少育嬰產品大獎,也幫助越來越多的父母和他們正處於長牙期的小寶貝

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