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Stacy is the founder and President of Nookums® Paci-Plushies®.  As a mother of four pacifier-loving babies, in 2007 Stacy set out on a creative business adventure to develop and manufacture the first universal plush pacifier holder with the intention that her product could be used with a wide variety of name brand infant pacifiers such as MAM™, Avent™, Nuk™, Nuby™, Soothie™, and so on. 

Overtime, Nookums® has gained widespread popularity for our superior quality, unique designs and otherworldly customer service. As a growing, family owned and operated business, we are alway open to suggestions and receiving your feedback. We hope that you enjoy our Nookums® Paci-Plushies® as much as we do!

Nookums 安撫奶嘴公仔

Nookums 安撫奶嘴公仔的誕生, 來自擁有4個孩子的媽媽Stacy Dallman, 因為孩子使用奶嘴時經常掉落, 為了想解決奶嘴不見了的困擾, 而市面上又沒有相關產品, 於是就開發了這個安撫奶嘴公仔, 將奶嘴緊緊套實, 而靈活套環設計, 可套用於大部份其他品牌的奶嘴 (包括MAM™, Avent™, Nuk™, Nuby™, Soothie。一開始給身邊朋友試用, 大受好評, 於是Stacy就決定將商品推廣給全世界的媽媽們。


  1. 美國雜誌票選寶寶出生必備用品
  2. 超輕巧, 放在BB身上不會有附負擔
  3. 玩偶大小適合寶寶一手抓握
  4. 可替換奶嘴,適用於90%以上奶嘴使用,香草奶嘴也沒問題
  5. 有了安撫奶嘴玩偶,寶寶能睡得更安穩
  6. 公仔為短毛布料, 柔軟舒適, 不易掉毛
  7. 專利申請之矽膠套環, 可配合大部份品牌的奶嘴, 方便套上更換
  8. 建議使用Philips Avent Soothie香草奶嘴, 仿媽媽乳房設計, 令BB更易適應, 更易安睡

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